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Try these books for help in building coping skills that will lessen your reliance on eating for dealing with life stresses 

MINDLESS EATING: WHY WE EAT MORE THAN WE THINK by Brian Wansink.  Reviews research on the abundance of environmental cues that drive our eating, often without us realizing it.


YOUR PERFECT RIGHT  by Robert Alberti and Michael Emmons.  A classic on assertiveness skills and effective communication with others.


THE RELAXATION AND STRESS REDUCTION WORKBOOK  by Martha Davis, Elizabeth Eshelman, and Matthew McKay.  A great general guidebook for developing coping skills for everyday life pressures and situations.


I WISH I WERE THIN, I WISH I WERE FAT  by Michelle Joy Levine.  A thought-provoking book, written from a psychoanalytic perspective, that reveals the unconscious factors that affect eating and weight.


FATTITUDES: BEAT SELF-DEFEAT AND WIN YOUR WAR WITH WEIGHT  by Jeffrey & Norean Wilbert.  Self-help for discovering and resolving your hidden emotional obstacles to healthy weight management.



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